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miércoles, 19 de noviembre de 2008

Una experiencia positiva

la creación de este blog fue a petición de el Profesor Juan Enrique Cabrales, mi experiencia personal con este proyecto fue muy positiva ya que me sirvió para practicar el idioma inglés de forma escrita, algo que posiblemente por mi misma no hubiera hecho sin los ánimos e insistencia de mi profesor.
A idea de este blog me parece muy positiva ya que nos fuerza a producir lenguaje de manera escrita y al ser la mayoría de los post de tema libre facilita y hace más amena la labor.
Este blog ha servido para darme cuenta de mis múltiples limitaciones y errores gramaticales, y para entender que me falta mucho camino por recorrer, pero esto no me entristece, solo me hace consciente del nivel que actualmente poseo y define a qué nivel debo de llegar.
Agradezco esta labor ya que posiblemente de no haberme visto forzada a realizarla no hubiera obtenido experiencias tan positivas, espero continuar con mi blog para así tratar de mejorar mi expresión escrita y así llegar a un nivel aceptable.

Alucard, The Siberian Prince

Hi I´ll like to talk about my pet Alucard, he is a beautiful Siberian Husky who came to us 7 years ago. Originally he belongs to my godfathers but after a few time of having it, they get mad because was difficult to them take car

e of the puppy; so they decide give it to us.
For my family was strange at the beginning because was our first dog, but when we sa

w his beautiful brown eyes we fall in love with him. My sister Karen and my dad are who take care of Alucard the most part of the time, Karen became almost an expert in Siberian Husky field trying to

understand our dog, she always says If she knew then what she knows now, Alucard could be more obedient dog.

But that doesn´t matter because he is a good dog, and he love us as we love him, he is our protector always looking for the family security.

martes, 18 de noviembre de 2008


Twilight is a very interesting book; the story is about Bella a seventeen years old girl who lives Arizona to live with his father in very small and cold town on Forks, she doesn´t feel excited about it, but there in the new school she meet new friends and noticed and strange family The Cullen, all them are beautiful,, almost inhumanly beautiful and some others aspects like they never eats, made them mysterious.
I read this book a month ago in only two nights, was awful for me because I enjoyed this book so much that I didn’t study for my exams; is an amazing love history but this one involves vampires; was so popular that is a best seller now and a movie is coming. I recommended this book for everybody especially if you considerer yourself as a romantic.


Hi I´ll like to talk about one of my favorite animations, Aeon Flux; to be honest, sometimes it is hard to me to follow the story, because some episodes turn into very strange and surrealist ones, but maybe that´s because I love this series. It is amazing trying to figure out what is happening in every chapter, I mean, is nice watching something that makes you think a little. I now there are books and documentaries but it is amusing to find something interesting in television with some self essence.
But let me tell you a little about this master piece, Aeon Flux is Aeon Flux is a mysterious and amoral secret agent from the country of Monica. Her motives or background are left unexplained, as are those of her antagonist/love, Trevor Goodchild. On her missions, she deals swift, bloody "justice" to all that oppose her. The second season episodes of this series were unique in that Aeon died at the end of every single episode.
The chemistry between Trevor and Aeon is amazing, is a strange combination of love, passion, hate and admiration. They want to be together but at the same time they are enemies. They fight for different interests but the attraction between them is too strong to be ignored, in fact they are lovers in some episodes.
My favorite quote from this series is: That which does not kill us make us…stranger.


I really love musical movies; you can access of a world of magic and songs and saw a tale and the same time. Many people I Know think musicals are dumps because is kind of strange the character been singing all the time but all that is part of the charm of this type of movies.
One of my very first musicals movies was the Disney ones, especially the little mermaid, beauty and the beast and the Lion King, but one of my favorite ones come later The nightmare before the Christmas with Danny Elfman’s songs. This movie was important because I saw it in English and that made me be interested in that language; to be honest the Spanish version is not that good.
Other great movie is Grease, with Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, is a fun history about school life, love, cars and music.
Exist many other movies but is little late and I need to sleep

lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

My Dear friend Diane

Diane is one of my best friends, I feel I know her like always, we have been friends since high school and spend time with her make my life happier, because I appreciate her friendship and the things she do for me.
We are friends but we are quite of different, She loves go out specially night clubs and I am not a very good dancer and I´m not crazy about night life, she have a different clothes style and sometimes she get concerned about the clothes I choose, she is not sweet type, but she loves me, I know she care about me like I care about her, she’s not very expressive but the fact of spending time with me even if sometimes the activities don’t interest her, let me know she really loves me.
Sometimes seems like we are kilometers apart because the school and work responsibilities but we always find the way to spend little time together.
Diane I love you, believe me, you can count on me, especially when the things seems worst, I´ll be there for you , because what make our friendship special is the differences what we have, and what made it stronger are the happy memories .

lunes, 13 de octubre de 2008


This will be a big event in Disney animation the first Afro-American Princess in all Disney’s history, this should be good new but this new movie start with many controversy because the name of the princess and the name of the movie. here was some controversy when the name of the heroine of the movie (the first Black American Disney Princess) was announced as "Maddy". The character's name was perceived by some to be a stereotypically lower-class "black name", and the character was also a chambermaid, an occupation some felt not in keeping with the image of a Disney Princess. The new name for the princess is Tiana On April 20, 2007, E! reported that the title of the film could possibly be changed from The Frog Princess to The Princess and the Frog, and that the lead character Maddy may be getting a name change as well. I don’t know why people offense for that kind of things in fact Maddy was a common name in the time when the story occurs, in fact Jazmine is a common name in Arabia and nobody says a word. And about been a maid, a lot of the Disney’s princess have this kind of jobs, the racism is in the eyes of accomplish or racism people, we nee to stopped see it everywhere, actually maybe the movie don’t talk nothing about the cruel situation which the afro American community was living. The racism was something real, and maybe using this kind of situations in the movie can teach something to the children about racism and respect.